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BCA (Bachelor in Computer Application)

A 4-year 8-semester programme, Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA) utilizes concepts of information technology to solve complex or new problems of the industry. BCA is a popular course for careers in IT as it meets student backgrounds & careeraspirations.

The course provides understanding & skills about the use of computers and their application. This flexible programme allows students to delve into data structures & algorithms, operating systems, programming & software engineering. It provides themsufficient theoretical and practical knowledge by building a range of competencies.

BCA develops the latest generation of professionals who can utilize opportunities in a fast changing virtual world and find innovative solutions. Graduates can become internationally acceptable experts contributing much to society & their fields because of their learning & proficiency.


Reputed University: Recognition & Accreditation

Tribhuvan University is the oldest, largest, and most reputed university of Nepal. TU's qualitative programs, including the BCA, have global recognition and accreditation.


Latest Curriculum: Width & Depth

A comprehensive curriculum incorporates varied areas in Computer Applications and Information Technology. Along with adequate electives, it provides in-depth understanding of computer theory, design, programming, and applications.

 Integrated Course : Computer Applications & IT

Specialization in Computer Applications and IT develops competent professionals. Computer Science comprises computing systems & software while IT brings computers and people together.

 International Acceptance : 4-Year Degree & 8-Semester Programme

A 4-year duration and 8-semester structure makes this bachelor-level program internationally acceptable. Its credit-hour system has the advantage of credit transfer and program or course options.

Interdisciplinary Approach: Linkage & Insight

Understanding connections between wide-ranging subject areas enable handling rapid changes in technology. This fosters critical thinking, inventive ideas, and enthusiasm for professional work.

 Professional Preparedness : Projects & Internships

Adequate professional exposure through projects and internships is a real- world experience. This helps focusing on key interests, career objectives, and job opportunities.

Big Future : Jobs & Careers

 Excellent job prospects! More and more jobs being created in an increasingly IT-driven world. Career trends show the fastest growing occupations abroad and in Nepal for the foreseeable future.

 Personal Empowerment : Independence & Entrepreneurship

Empowers graduates to handle computer and IT-related tasks independently throughout their careers. They have tremendous possibilities and opportunities of starting their own ventures.

 Course Structure

Career Opportunities


Why BCA at Sungava?

Academic Environment

Known for its culture of excellence, it’s a college where students truly enjoy a unique academic environment enabling them to excel academically as well as professionally.


Dedicated Faculty

Our expert and experienced faculty deliver the best quality in professional education. Teachers regularly monitor academic progress, give personalized instruction, and guide students.


Perfect Teaching Methodology

Sungava uses tested techniques in teaching and adopts a flexible approach to help students learn better and more. We emphasize the use of modern technology for effective learning.


Sound Infrastructure

Sungava is architecturally sound with quiet, well-designed buildings providing required modern facilities to students. Our classrooms are big, well lit, and airy and the college is spacious.


Superb Facilities

We have state-of-the-art labs and a well-stocked library. The College also has hygienic cafeterias plus various games & sports to maintain the health of students.


Extra Tutorials

The College organizes extra tutorials throughout the academic session. These intensive tutorial classes are arranged on the basis of an attending student’s proficiency, need, or request.


Project Work & Research

Sungava provides students with ample opportunities to integrate their coursework knowledge with professional applications through project work & research. This helps students to pursue higher degrees or gain workplace skills.


Outstanding Results

Our students invariably get excellent results. The College continues to produce many toppers. Their laudable performance is a source of inspiration to many a student.


BCA at Sungava

Lots of non credit courses

Advancement Courses

Add-on Certification

Language Proficiency

Personality Development

Corporate Interaction

Industrial Tie-ups

Placement Support

Activities Beyond Classrooms

Professional Competitions

Workshops & Seminars

Sports & Games

Social Service



Computers & Internet


Conference facilities



Admission Process

Students interested in joining BCA at Sungava need to go through a fair but rigorous admission process.



Applicants need at least CGPA 2 or 45% marks in +2 / equivalent exam.


Entrance Exam Application Form

TU Entrance Examination Application forms are available at all colleges that offer BCA. Applicants should submit these forms duly filled in with supporting documents by the given deadline.


TU Entrance Exam

Getting through this Exam is mandatory for admission. Sample Test Papers can be collected from Sungava along with the TU Application forms.


Sungava Admission Form

Successful students in the TU Entrance Exam should fill in the Admission Form. Students who have filled in the TU Entrance Exam forms in any other college are also eligible to  apply here.


Personal Interview

These students need to appear for the Personal Interview immediately thereafter. They ought to be accompanied by their parents or guardians for this interview.


Offer Letter

Selected BCA applicants are handed Offer Letters for Admission with or without offers of Scholarships. They need to submit their acceptance within the stipulated period to get admitted.



Once the College receives a letter of acceptance, it will confirm admission forthwith subject to the payment of fees.

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